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 Diabetes Education Program Training


Westmeadows Football Club in conjunction with The Diabetes College and RTO Logic have formed a joint venture that is looking to raise awareness within the wider community regarding Diabetes, Obesity and the associated long-term risks with the loss of a healthy lifestyle.


We will be encouraging members of community leading organisations such as sporting clubs, businesses and schools to participate in creating a broader understanding of diabetes, the symptoms, risks and prevention.


Whilst the joint venture is jointly managed and operated by both RTO logic, Diabetes College and Westmeadows football Club, all branding and sponsorship will be under the Diabetes College banner.


We are trying to formally educate a specific demographic of student in the Certificate II in Understanding and Management of Diabetes.  Our perfect student is:

  • Australian Citizen; and
  • Over 18 years of age; and
  • No formal completed qualifications equal to or above Certificate II level (those aged under 20 do need to meet this requirement).
  • Delivery of the course will typically be via 3 to 4 sessions (3-4 hours in length) over a 6 to 8 week period (fortnightly sessions).
    • Delivery involves workbooks and assessments via enrolment into an RTO and delivery of a nationally accredited course.
  • Typically, for groups consisting of this demographic, there is no cost for the running of the sessions as they are delivered on site.
  • Group size is typically based on the available facilities however we aim for groups sizes between 20 and 40, with at least half the group fitting the above demographic if possible. 
  • There is no restriction on who from the community attends these sessions

Parents, Coaches, Players, Trainers, Volunteers, Anyone.

Class sizes need to be from 20 to 40 people.


Classes will be held between:   6:30 pm to 9:30pm

Monday    TBA          

Monday    TBA       

Monday    TBA               

Monday    October 20th, 2014         

Please contact PETER NIELD on 0413 888 919 for further information.  

Pictured above from left to right,

Peter Brown JP Secretary (SCB) Peter Nield (WFC) President, Peter McKie Chairman (SCB) Gail Knight (WFC) Secretary & Mark Ramsay  (WFC) Vice President